Monday, May 4, 2009


This is just a reminder. Please E-mail us if you have any questions, our E-mail is checked daily. If you need any price in formation please contact us. We would greatly appreciate it we could get some sort of E-mail about our business.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Contact info!

Phone: 623-935-0399
Boss: Daysia Dudley
Co. Leader: Shelby Collier
Organizer: Rachel Price

About the Members

Boss, Creator and designer of the organization:

Daysia A. Dudley
Notes from her:
I have an unexplainable passion for planning and having horse shows. I started this business so that regular people just like me won't have to go to an expensive horse arena and pay $22.00, just to get into 1 event. I have inexpensive, yet very high quality horse shows. I am so proud to have such a great team to help with the horse shows.

Co. Leader and organizer:

Shelby M. Collier
Phone # unknown
Notes from her:
I have been in this with Daysia for a very long time now, and we really do have great horse shows. When Daysia first came up to me with the idea I didn't think it would work out, but look were we are today!


Rachel Price
Phone # unknown
Notes from her:
I am the newest member to this business, and so far I am just having the best time of my life organizing these horse shows. If it weren't for Daysia and Shelby, I would be totally lost.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pony Club Horse Shows!

Dear Bloggers,

The Pony club would like to thank you for looking at our blog. As you can see we are very into planning horse shows. We would love to get some sponcers, or more support for our club. We have had this club together for about 3 years now, and it just keeps getting better. We have already had 3 very successful horse shows, and plan on many more to come. Hope fully with your help, we will continue to have more fun horse shows.

Thank You,
The Pony Club